Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Accessing Google Classroom

Access you Google Classroom using your login details.
IF YOU DID NOT GET a log in detail - username and password to access Google classroom follow these steps:
1)Type you username to log in in Enfield Grammar followed by an extension @enfieldgrammar.org - for example joebloggs.308@enfieldgrammar.org 

2)Type your password followed by 123

Once you are there register as "student" and go to classroom 

  • 8K the code of your class is 6jx68k
  • 8Q the code of your class  is 57ngxiz
  • 8C the code of your class  is bsvqxer
Once you are in the classroom, there are several link to help you in your assignment.
Task 1) Open the frame "what is evil" using google doc, write your answers there. Skip the past paper questions and...
Task 2) Read worksheet 1: What can we do about suffering? Read all info and answer all questions.
Task 3) Read worksheet 2 religious responses - read all religious responses and choose 2 religions to report. You can include your perspective too!
Extension task or for next lesson...
Task 4) Read worksheet 3 Does suffering prove there is no God and answer all questions
Task 5) Read worksheet 4 all religious responses and choose 2 religions, report what you learnt! Include your personal views too!
H/W visit GCSE RS bitesize and revise, complete tests
Watch those videos from A History of Ideas connected to the idea of evil and suffering. 
Watch them and write a short essay what you most like and you would like to find out more.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Evil and Suffering

New topic: Evil and Suffering

Please watch the video - the problem of evil to better understand a) the problem of evil and suffering b) religious responses on evil and suffering.


Find out who Augustine and Thomas Aquinas and their views on evil and suffering. There are excellent online and in school library resources. Ask the Librarian, Mrs Rudolph, help to carry out your research.